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“I have been working on my DIY website for weeks and it still isn’t finished.”
“Customers are calling my cell phone at all hours of the day and night.”
“No one believes my business is real because of my yahoo email address.”



Let's face it: running a business is hard. When most of us start our business, we think being great at our core product or service is all that we need to do. 

It turns out we have to be great at a lot of things besides our core business. Managing and leading people, keeping a handle on cash flow, and - oh, yeah - communicating in a professional manner with customers and prospective customers.

That last piece - Professional Communication -
is really, really important. 

  1. Website: 70% of people use the internet to research buying goods or services before they make their purchase. If your website isn't modern and professional (or if it doesn't exist at all), you're automatically out of the running.

  2. Mobile: According to Google, more than 50% of that research is done using mobile phones. If your website isn't designed to look and work perfectly on mobile sized screens, Google won't send people to your site.
  3. Email: Fewer than 20% of small businesses use company branded email (e.g. [email protected]), but people are 9 X more likely to do business with companies that have and use branded email addresses.
  4. Phone: 92% of people say they call a company at least once before they make important business decisions or big purchases. And 85% report being dissatisfied with the professionalism of that phone experience.